“Ship Giant Octopus”, or, The Burning Issues of the Internet

As any self-respecting blogger would know, one of the more fun bits of having a blog is (obsessively) checking your stats after you’ve published a new piece to see how many people have viewed your blog, what country they’re from, and their search engine terms- i.e. what people typed into Google that led them to your site.

Just thought I’d share a few of them with you from over the past few months. Some of my favorites include number 42- was this internet-savvy individual interested in locating a giant octopus onboard their ship, or interested in the best way to transport their giant octopus from point A to point B? Either way, I’m not sure my blog would’ve been very useful to them, but glad they stopped by anyway. Sympathies to number 24- if you’ve got a jellyfish wrapped around your leg, I think finding the answers to this quandary through an internet search may be the least of your worries, but to each his own. Number 29 is interested in some not obvious facts about squid- because the obvious facts are just too, well, obvious.

And to answer number 70- yes, they are omnipresent, ubiquitous, and insufferable.

(Search terms are shown as they were submitted, so ignore any grammatical/spelling errors, if you will.)

  1. the accidental australian
  2. australian plastic banknotes
  3. steve irwin. – rides.
  4. ned kelly
  5. australian road map
  6. broadway steve irwin ride
  7. blueys beach australia
  8. ned kelly australian bushranger
  9. woomera 4th july 2013 celebrations
  10. a good map of australia
  11. jerilderie letter
  12. base camp x kraken
  13. good afternoon greetings
  14. ned kelly armour
  15. brush tailed possums interesting facts
  16. australian cockatoo
  17. flip flop vending machines
  18. st marys convent katoomba haunted
  19. friendly giant squid
  20. excited money australian
  21. quirky things in sydney
  22. a few sentences about uluru
  23. jenolan caves john denver
  24. jellyfish wrapped around leg
  25. marigold round vending machine
  26. rabies in possums australia
  27. australian dollars blowing away
  28. john denver downunder in australia
  29. not obvious facts about squid
  30. mike rowe, opal mining
  31. havaiana vending machine pitt street
  32. sydney quirky things to do
  33. hersheys sentosa
  34. strange museum in sydney
  35. melbourne australia map
  36. underground living in australian opal mine
  37. ned kelly prison cell
  38. being scapegoat and hero
  39. 12 apostles on australian map
  40. mike rowe in sydney
  41. giant squid adelaide museum
  42. ship giant octopus
  43. the old mebourne goal
  44. john denver singing at the jenolan caves
  45. underground living
  46. travel channel extreme homes full in australia underground house
  47. havaianas vending machine bondi beach
  48. flip flops vending machines
  49. ned kelly trial reenactment
  50. singapore accidental country
  51. australians like love texas
  52. few words of ayers rock
  53. australian money interesting facts
  54. things aussies like
  55. weird things to do in sydney
  56. australian candy
  57. why are there so many singaporeans in australia
  58. havaianas vending machine reviews
  59. mooncakes australia
  60. sydney australia on map
  61. quirky unusual thinks to do in sydney
  62. melbourne cup day whats it like
  63. the world of giant squid adelaide
  64. 10 facts about australian money
  65. australian backyard
  66. all australian notes
  67. 10 facts of australian money
  68. why is australian money plastic
  69. australian brush tailed possum
  70. are there flies in woomera

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